ENRICH Booklet


What is ENRICH?

The INFANT (Irish Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research) is Ireland’s first translational research centre focused entirely on pregnancy, birth and early childhood. Baby Enrichment Research Programme, known as ENRICH, is a study focused on understanding how sleep contributes to the healthy development of infants. Studies have shown that brain development and learning are heavily influenced by sleep. Regular, quality sleep helps to optimise physical growth and brain plasticity, while a lack of sleep has been linked to long term negative impacts on behaviours and learning ability.

The ENRICH programme will research the effects of lifestyles, sensory experiences and sleep patterns on the cognitive development of healthy infants.

The ENRICH Study Website can be found here: http://enrichstudy.com/

The ENRICH team asked TiNY Health to develop a booklet to engage and to thank their participants. Check out the booklet below.